Frequently Asked Questions

About PWN Games

What is PWN Games?

PWN Games is a performance network specialized in large-scale user-acquisition campaigns for the gaming industry, with a knack for free-to-play games.

We offer performance-based advertising and player-sourcing services to game advertisers while ensuring top-flight traffic monetization performance to quality media partners.

Why work with us?

Our Advertisers choose us for our ability to deliver them consistent amounts of good quality traffic and users and our ability to quickly adapt to their acquisition guidelines and requirements.

Our Media Partners send us traffic mostly because of our premium selection of free-to-play games and top payouts but also because we’re a team of great guys that are cool and easy to work with each and every day.

Setting up an Account

How do I join PWN as an Advertiser?

  • Click the Contact Us link in the top menu
  • Fill out the one-page form
  • We will contact you to discuss your marketing needs

How do I join PWN as a Media Partner?

  • Click the Sign-Up link in the top menu
  • Fill out the one-page application
  • We will review your application once it is submitted

Managing your Account

How often are my stats updated?

All statistics are displayed in real-time. You can login 24 hours a day to view your performance reports.

When do I get paid?

PWN Games pays commission on a bi-monthly basis to affiliates with commissions above $500. We have NET 30 payment terms. This means you should expect to receive your commission payment 30 days after the end of each billing period.

We can pay on faster terms for affiliates with higher volume and proven traffic sources.

What methods can I get paid?

We offer Wire Transfer, PayPal and Check at the moment. 

What is your minimum payment policy?

Payments will be sent provided your account has reached a minimum of $500 in revenue.

Do I need a W-9 or W-8 BEN Form to get paid?

US affiliates are required to fill out the W-9 Form. Affiliates outside of United States do not have to fill out a W8 BEN Form to get paid, but it is appreciated to get one on file.

What types of media do you allow to promote offers on PWN Games?

We supply affiliates with creative packs for each offer. We allow affiliates to use their own designs as long as our affiliate team approves them first.

How do I know which marketing methods are permitted for an offer?

Each offer lists allowed method of marketing. Please make sure you strictly follow the instructions for each offer. 

Our affiliate team will review your campaign with you to make sure it is legally compliant and does not trick consumers.