We’ll be attending GDC ’17 in San Francisco!

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PWN Games GDC17

Heading to Frisco for the best gaming dev conference of the year

Here at PWN Games, we take pride in delivering the highest-value players to our beloved clients’ games. How do we do that? By connecting directly with the mad geniuses behind the titles we promote (aka the developers).

The best place to do that? Geee Deee Ceee!

Mauro Indino PWN GamesOur own Mauro Indino – Head of Biz Dev here at PWN – will make the trip all the way from Germany to meet and shake hands with existing partners and make as much new friends as possible.

Think that would be a good idea to meet? Let’s book it now: write us at to set up a meeting time.

Useful recommendations before you fly in to GDC? Get the GDC mobile app (always VERY useful) and prepare to walk, like a lot. Moscone Center is big and the event takes place in each of the three buildings so make sure you take that pair of comfy sneakers with you.

See ya there!

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